This agreement is between OTRC and Client “YOU”

We are a tax law and tax concept publisher. We conduct research around tax, financial planning, estate planning and other areas of interest. In no manner is a client attorney relationship establish with any of our engagements. If you need a legal or accounting advisor. We suggest that you contact a trained tax attorney or CPA in your geographic area.

We will respond to the tax issues that you present to us and the question that you tell us about. Under this format we have no access to your files or the true facts and circumstances of the project in your office. Our research is answering the tax question that you present to us. We do this in a clear and concise way. We hope it helps solve the problem that your client faces. Our scope of service is thus limited to the question that you present to us.

Your information that you send to us is kept confidential. 90 days after completion of your project we remove and destroy all of your information from our office unless you have an ongoing relationship with us and you tell us specifically in writing that you would like your files maintained by us for up to one year. Other written arrangements can be made if we are to store your information for a longer period than one year.

All parties using our service are responsible for their own tax positions. Foreign bank accounts and ownership. You are aware of your responsibility to report annually to the US Government all of your ownership interests in entities, real estate and bank accounts.

In order to begin work we need to identify you and know who you are. Once we know who you are, we will then analyze your request and at that time we will determine if we desire to accept the work. We reserve the right to refuse to perform work to anyone. If we refuse the project our policy is to reject the assignment without any discussion about how or why the assignment got rejected.

Fees will be charged for the work performed. We will tell you in advance how much work we will do and what it will cost. How we charge and what we charge is solely at OTRC discretion. For example, you approach us with a complicated or simple problem that in all reality will take 20 hours to complete,we may tell you that we will perform 4 hours of work on the project and then report back to you our preliminary findings. In this example we will only allot 4 hours to the project. It is up to you to decide if you want more time put into the project. If we start a project, we have absolutely no obligation to “complete” the project. We are engaged for only the 4 hours allotted to the project described in our example. At any time and for any reason we may stop work on a project if we deem it appropriate for us to do that. It is quite possible on large projects that at the end of 4 hours we may come back and report that “there is nothing to report.” Complex problems should be budgeted and allotted a sufficient about of time to develop the concept, understand the underlying facts and circumstances and then research and formulate the specific solutions.

The scope of our research is to review the Internal Revenue Code and the underlying Federal income tax regulations and any court cases we desire to report on. We are tax researchers and we are not the tax planners for the project even though we may point out a few items to consider when you do the tax planning work.

For people that cannot present clear questions or issues or are unresponsive to our requests for information we may decide to terminate the project. At that point our time in the project will be tallied and if a refund is then calculated by us then we will return to you the unused portion of the fees charged. We respect the privilege of having you as a client and we are fair and reasonable in our approach to billing for fees.

Under no circumstance will we start a project without being paid in advance for the budget amount of the project. Tax research is an art and a science there may be more than one solution to an issue, it is not a black and white world of 3 plus 2 equals 5.

We will not be making any court appearances for you. If there is any reason, we must go to a court because of our client relationship you will be responsible for paying for our travel, meals, lodging and ourprofessionals fees from the time we leave the office until we return to the office. We have no obligation to pay any fines or fees as a result of doing work for you, whether they fine be levied on you or on OTRC or any of its employees.If you become charged a fine or fee, receiveany verdict or assessment or court assessment by any court, governmental agency or any other source the fine, assessment, penalty or fee will be your responsibility to pay. You will indemnify and hold us harmless in this regard. Client agrees to agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the ORTC or any of its employees with respect to any and all claims, costs and liabilities, fees, fines, penalties imposed on you or imposed on us arising from or relating to our engagement or business relationship.

If for any reason you want us to travel to your office or to your client we will need to be paid for our expenses, airfare, travel, meals, autos, hotel and professional fees calculated from the time we leave the office until the time we return to our office.

A budgeted amount will be calculated with an extra 25% contingency amount included in the budget to cover any unforeseen costs. The remainder, if any, will be returned to you upon our return to the office and our bookkeeping department can review the time and expense charges then within 30 days a refund will be applied to your credit card in turn your card company will then post a credit to your account.

We enjoy doing this work we wish that we have a pleasant and professional relationship with each person that we deal with. We have tried to be as fair and reasonable in our approach to fees as we can.

If by some stretch of the imagination a dispute arises as a result of this engagement it is agreed that Los Angeles, California will be the venue for remedy and relief.

Though we take care and caution in handling matters, issues, reports, findings and documents we offer no assurance against interception of communications in any form due to computer hacking attempts, whether the event is an attempt or a success. Our normal course of business is to take in information over the internet and we return our report the final product over the internet. We make every attempt to send out information to the correct email address that you have provided to us though clerical errors may occur with entering return email addresses.

OTRC is the owner of the content of this web site and the related copyrights, service marks and trademarks.Any use of our Name, Likeness, logo or content or reports issued by us, in any use commercial use or otherwise or on any web site, newsletter or blog or anywhere else without first obtaining a proper licensing arrangement from OTRC is strictly prohibited. We do offer licensing arrangements for you to put information or our logo on your literature or web site so that your clients can see the depth of your ability to conduct tax research. Proper contractual arrangements need to be made with OTRC before you do this. Being a client of OTRC does not permit you to do this, a separate, proper licensing agreement must be entered into by the parties involved.

This agreement is our only agreement.This Agreement shall supersede and replace all prior agreements and understandings, oral or written, advertised or presented on our web site. This agreement is our only agreement between OTRC and client and shall remain our agreement except until modified by the parties entering into a new agreement evidenced by both parties freely signing the new agreement.