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You must complete the order form, tell us the tax topic or question that you need resolved and submit the credit card information then we will do a surface review of the question and get in touch with you as to what charges will be billed to the card. Once we do a surface review of the project then we can give you the charges up front before we begin the work. We will always tell you the charges in advance of the work being started. At that time, you can approve the project to begin or we can withdraw your question, it is your choice.


To begin the process, you need to place an order. Please explain clearly what exactly is your question, problem or issue that you need more information about. Once we have identified you and we have read your issue we will then tell you how much our report will cost. At that time, you will be directed to our client portal. We will always tell you the charges up front before we begin the work. We love tax research projects you will quickly catch on to our enthusiasm for research and our kind and caring approach to our clients.
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Trying to do this yourself may be hazardous if you are not versed in conducting thorough tax research. The law is so complex that you may come up with what you thought was the right answer, but upon audit you find out that you missed part of the concept that now turns the issue into a situation where the client has to pay.

Use our research to show to the IRS to explain your position on the matter. We can support not only your tax research efforts but we can also support you when you are handling an IRS audit or IRS appeal.Use our research and analysis as part of your brief to the Tax Court or Federal District Court.

Our professionals have years of experience in dealing with tax controversy at all levels in each of the Federal Courts that hear tax matters.

Waste time no longer! Allow a subcontractor to support your services. Then you can supply our report and answers to incorporate into your dealings with tax issues. No more staff wheel spinning, spending hours and hours trying to do research while their efforts turn up to be incomplete and off track at the end of all that time.

Take our report and then use a multiple to pass the cost along to your client, while you look like the shining knight when you present your information to your client.

At times it is important to know what you don’t know.