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What we do. Why We Do IT Well!

We are Tax consulting services. We search the code far and wide looking for your best position on a matter. We follow the law and stay informed about important court decisions that help tax planners find the better way to guide their clients.

If you want to give out tax advice, we recommend that you have something in your file to show how and why you took the tax position that you recommended to your client. 

We invite questions

There are well over 10,000 hard to call tax positions that tax planners make decisions about annually. There are easy questions that need a clear path or more clear plan English explanation.

We may pass on some questions because we stick to our niche and what we know. We are not going to guess for you. You will get a report that completely explains what the law allows and what modern tax planning magazines and law journals suggest. We stick to what we know and do it well.

We like any question that you may have. No question too small or too big for us to consider. We want you to be on solid ground. We don’t want you to have to call your insurance company because of what you told a client to do. Hang your hat on our reports. We can solve many problems and are not bashful in telling you when you are headed down the highway in the wrong direction. Nothing worse that going south in the northbound lane.

Let us solve the tax riddle

It can be a criminal investigation question. It can be that the agent is not respecting the power of attorney and continually wants to show up at the taxpayer’s house. It may be that you want to know how and how much auto deduction you can claim. Which tax credits do you qualify for. Any tax concept we can provide answers to. Don’t get stressed and leave the office worried about how to properly guide the client, let us do that for you. Sometime collaboration opens up completely new doors. When we put our heads together good things can happen.

So let Optimum Tax Research Center be you go to place to get well developed quality solutions to your tax questions. We work with tax professionals, business owners, corporate tax departments and the general public. Come on in, feel welcome and feel relieved that you have a sounding board to run your tax ideas off of so that you can have a clear explanation if you ever meet with challenge.

We want everyone to be on solid ground. Let us know who you are so we can open your account and then get started.


Optimum Tax Research Center

We are a United States based tax information publisher, we publish; tax reports, tax law changes and provide monthly white label newsletters for practitioner marketing needs.

. We provide special reports and firm newsletters for busy tax professionals. We can take the pain out of having your staff do the research only to rack up piles of time with little production. We are practicing professionals who have active contact with the IRS, Congress, and Federal tax courts. We are immersed in tax law issues.

Our principals have, as a prequalification, a master’s degree in taxation. We support law firms that practice in divorce, corporate, partnership, real estate, business, bankruptcy, and many other legal practice areas. We support CPA firms and save them time to focus on other realms of their important work.