Tax law is involved in every business contract and in every partnership, corporation or LLC that is formed and permeates everyday life.

Many times, there are a combination of tax law and accounting issues that cannot be overlooked or skipped.

Real Estate transactions, divorce and every specialty legal practice area has tax law interworking’s that need to be addressed and documented correctly.

Legal settlements are a hot bed for IRS controversy. Law firms need to work with insurance companies to draft settlement agreements that favor your clients tax interests.

Tax controversy research, solutions and forensic accounting services to challenge the Governments version of the story or their interpretation of the records.


important issues

Issues for foreign persons

Foreign bank accounts

Foreign corporate interests

How to buy an airplane and pay no state sales tax

Partnership issues are abundant

Proper timely S-Corp elections

Beat the built-in gains tax

Automobile issues for owners and employees

Business entertainment

IRS favorite attack areas

Dependents, college funds, tuition planning

Repairs or Capital improvements

Legal Settlements

Medical Deductions

Charitable Giving

Help minimizing clients tax exposure

Retirement plans

Restaurant tax breaks


Depreciation cost segregation

Experience & Practice Areas

Trying to do this yourself may be hazardous if you are not versed in conducting thorough tax research. The law is so complex that you may come up with what you thought was the right answer, but upon audit you find out that you missed part of the concept that now turns the issue into a situation where the client has to pay.

Use our research to show to the IRS to explain your position on the matter. We can support not only your tax research efforts but we can also support you when you are handling an IRS audit or IRS appeal.Use our research and analysis as part of your brief to the Tax Court or Federal District Court.

Our professionals have years of experience in dealing with tax controversy at all levels in each of the Federal Courts that hear tax matters.

Waste time no longer! Allow a subcontractor to support your services. Then you can supply our report and answers to incorporate into your dealings with tax issues. No more staff wheel spinning, spending hours and hours trying to do research while their efforts turn up to be incomplete and off track at the end of all that time.

Take our report and then use a multiple to pass the cost along to your client, while you look like the shining knight when you present your information to your client.

At times it is important to know what you don’t know.